Letter Sets

Midori Kami Letter Set - Paper Series - Summer, Waterside Flowers

These beautiful seasonal letter sets are released 5 times a year by Japanese stationery giant, Midori, and reflect the seasons (in Japan). There is a letter pad and matching envelopes.  Midori produces these letter sets in limited quantities and we are usually not able to get more than our initial order.  If you see a set that you really like, we recommend that you don't wait but get it now.

This beautiful pattern paper that depicts the four waterside flowers and plants.  Printed on beautiful echizen washi paper that complements the delicate designs. Comes with a pack of corresponding envelopes. 

16 decorated sheets (4 of each design) with a ruled underlay
8 printed envelopes (2 of each design)
Paper Size: H177 x W168
Envelope Size: H188 x W90 mm with flap on the short end