Blackwing Replacement Erasers - Volume 3, Yellow, Pack of 10

The Blackwing Volume 3 is a tribute to Ravi Shankar on his 100th birthday. The newest Volumes release includes this pack of 10 replacement erasers, that perfectly compliment the Volume 3 pencil.  The Blackwing Pencil replacement erasers are almost as legendary as the pencil itself! The iconic rectangular design and replace-ability complement the unmatched graphite formulation lead in the world's best pencil. The erasers clip into place easily and erase nicely.

Blackwing Pencil is not just any pencil, it is an experience! The world's most famous pencil is made in Japan from genuine FSC-certified cedarwood and is available in three iconic models - the Blackwing, Blackwing 602 and Blackwing Pearl. Serious writers, sketchers and artists insist on Palomino pencils as their exclusive tools, trusting and benefiting from their unmatched quality.