Cocoiro Pen Body - Kiwi

***Discontinued Item, limited stock available, sale pricing applies to stock on hand only***

Derived from the Japanese words kokoro (心), which means “heart”, “mentality”, and “feelings”, and iro (色) which means “color”, Cocoiro lets you choose each part of your pen to match your personal style. Select the colour of the pen body and nib style and colour of the ink refill to best express your unique creativity!

With a gorgeous range colours available (16 different pen barrels and 7 different ink refills) there are endless fun and beautiful pen combinations to be created!


  • Length: 110mm
  • Snap on cap
  • Refill type: Catridge

Note: This is a pen body, you will need to combine with a separate refill cartridge to use this pen! We loved these pens but can no longer get refills from our supplier - refills are available from Bunbougu online.