Jute Sack - Black, Mini

***Discontinued Item, limited stock available, sale pricing applies to stock on hand only***

The jute sack is also known as a "gunny sack" or "gunny bag" is an inexpensive bag, historically made of hessian (burlap) formed from jute, hemp, or other natural fibers. The word gunny refers to the coarse fabric.  The large versions of these sacks traditionally, and to some extent still are, used for transporting grains, potatoes and other agricultural products. 

These smaller version jute sacks won't hold a lot of potatoes but they are great for presenting a gift or for holding small items around the house.  They also look great around a potted plant.  Just use an enclosed pot as these bags are not waterproof.

This mini sack is approximately 12x7x7cm.