Karst Artist Pencils - Set of 24, Assorted Colours

The team at Karst have set out to work a bit differently - their method: challenge assumptions at every stage, their goal: leave the world better than they found it.

This amazing set of 24 Karst's Artist Pencils are made without a wood barrel - they have a full lead body, offering 5 times more usable pigment and material than any standard pencil. With a full range of colours, these Artist Pencils bring vibrancy and life to your drawings. Designed specifically for use with Karst paper, but suitable for all paper types.

QUANTITY: 1 set x 24 assorted colour pencils
SIZE: Pencil - 14.2 (l) x 0.7cm (w). Box - 15.3 (w) x 4 (d) x 17.2cm (h)
FEATURES: Pure pigment, no wood barrel. 2-in-1 display & storage case, 2B Hardness, Matte finish, Optimal lead grade for stone paper, Easy to sharpen.
MATERIALS: 100% Tree-free, full lead body.
SOURCE: Designed in Australia, Made in Taiwan