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Brush Lettering from A - Z

This fun and thorough introduction is perfect for anyone who's seen brush-lettered art and wondered how it's done.  In this book, the author takes you from brush lettering basics to its amazing possibilities.  Start with the staple strokes that are the foundation of brush lettering, then progress to forming letters, words, and finished pieces.  Learn different lettering styles and how to combine them.  Pick up tips and tricks for embellishing your lettering and arranging your words to create maximum impact.  Experiment with advanced techniques and tools such as flourishing, 'fauxligraphy,'' depth effects, watercolor, paint brushes, and more.  Finally, try out your newfound skills with ideas for a bunch of awesome brush lettering projects - you'll be wielding your brush pen like a pro in no time.

  • Full-color throughout.
  • 160 pages.
  • Book measures 19 cm wide by 24 cm high.