Kum Automatic AS2M Long Point/2mm Lead Pencil Sharpener

Founded in 1919, Kum is the oldest producer of sharpeners in the world. Known for their high quality and precision, Kum have a wide assortment to provide the right sharpener for every pencil(er).They pride themselves on what sets them apart from other manufacturers – high quality materials like carbon-steel and magnesium and signature curved blades.

The Kum long point sharpeners are very popular among artists, designers and architects. The reason for this is that the blade sharpens the pencils in a particularly small angle forming an extreme long and thin point.   The automatic brake prevents oversharpening.  Tiny details and lines can be drawn easily with this sharp point. Also, the point will stay sharp for longer so the pencils don’t have to be sharpened as often.

Comes with two spare blades and includes sharpener for 2 mm and 3.15 mm clutch pencil leads.