Leuchtturm1917 Notebook - Dotted Bullet Journal Edition 2, A5, Navy

The Bullet Journal system makes it easy to trace the past, organise the present and plan the future. In cooperation with Ryder Carroll, who established the Bullet Journaling method, the folks at Leuchtturm have upgraded the Bullet Journal® and taken it to a new level.  Additional tools and a newly developed 120 g/m² paper make self-organisation even clearer, more diversified and efficient. Updates include:

  • The Grid Guide - Instructions on how to use the grid in the book cover. And how easy it is to create calendar overviews, diagrams, trackers or storyboards.
  • Pocket Guide - A quick guide to Bullet Journaling. How the system works and what is most important. For beginners and advanced users. The booklet is tucked away in the folding pocket.
  • Page Dividers - Every page in perfect order: small markings that allow the quick and exact vertical or horizontal division into fields or sections.
  • 120 g/m² paper. Its smooth surface, low transparency and high ink compatibility allow a variety of design techniques.
  • Sticker set - Best friends of the Bullet Journal®. They display overviews for months and weekdays along with small symbols for identification. Practical and clearly arranged.

Of course, the new Bullet Journal® still comes with the reliable tools and features from the previous version, like the Future Log, three bookmarks, an index and numbered pages.

  • A5  (21×14.5×2.2 cm)
  • Colour: Dark Blue
  • Binding: Hardcover
  • Pages: 206