OHTO Horizon Auto-Sharp Mech Pencil - 0.5mm, Silver

OHTO was established in Tokyo, Japan in 1919 and began manufacturing high quality dyes & inks. OHTO then went on to develop the first ballpoint pen manufactured in Japan in 1949. After the success of their 'Auto-Sharp' ballpoint pen, OHTO designed and manufacture the world's first rollerball pen in 1964.

The OHTO Horizon Auto-Sharp has been cleverly designed to ensure the lead mechanism does not accidentally extend in your shirt pocket or pencil case. The lead mechanism extends out of the barrel with one push of the top button, and a second push will extend the feed of the lead. The lead is then easily retracted by pressing the button on the side of the pencil. This mechanical pencil has a sturdy aluminium barrel with a hexagonal shape for easy grip, and uses a standard 0.5mm lead.

LEAD SIZE: 0.5mm
LENGTH: 14.2cm
MATERIALS: Aluminium body, SK material
SOURCE: Designed & made in Japan