OHTO Horizon GS01 Ballpoint Pen - Silver

OHTO was established in Tokyo, Japan in 1919 and began manufacturing high quality dyes & inks. OHTO then went on to develop the first ballpoint pen manufactured in Japan in 1949. After the success of their 'Auto-Sharp' ballpoint pen, OHTO designed and manufacture the world's first rollerball pen in 1964.

Experience accuracy like no other with OHTO's new and improved Horizon ballpoint pen. Featuring a needlepoint Parker G2 style gel-refill, the OHTO Horizon is a spectacular tool for everything from everyday writing to technical drawing. If you have particularly small handwriting, you'll love the fine and precise tip on the Horizon ballpoint.

136mm long; diameter 10.1mm
0.7mm tip
Aluminum, Brass
Compatible with Parker G2 style refills
Designed and made in Japan