PLUS Japan - Staple Free Stapler, Black

PLUS Stationery motto is to manufacture products that provide new value to customers, products that are environmentally friendly and unique products that have excellent functionality and good design. The company has a wide range of products from office supplies such as correction tape, tape glue, scissors, staplers and file holders.

Just imagine if there was a stapler that didn’t need staple... there is - it's right here!  This stapler opens a small hook in your papers and tuck under the little tab so that they are clipped firmly together. As there are no staples involved in the process at all, papers can later be placed in a shredder easily without the hassle of removing anything. These little non-staplers have an in-built power assist mechanism so very little pressure is required when stapling. This mechanism is unique to the PLUS range of staplers. Note that these staplers will make a hole in your papers as they fasten the pages together.

Sizes: 66 tall x 74 long and 32 wide