Wax Beads - Mixed Blacks, Midnight & Ink Black

Wax seals evoke times past, when communication was done with quill and ink, and a family seal was pressed into wax to ensure that a message remained private until the seal was broken.


  • Midnight black has a metallic, pearlescent finish
  • Ink black has a glossy, smooth finish
  • You will receive a mix of both colours. You can melt them together to create a subtle swirly wax seal
  • Makes flexible, non-greasy wax seals
  • At least 100 wax beads per box, which makes approx 30-35 wax seals, using 3 to 4 wax beads per seal (with 25mm stamp)
  • Melt the beads in a wax sealing spoon over a candle flame, then pour and seal

Please note that the colour you see on your screen is a guide only, colours may look a little different on screens to the real product.  If colour is important, please contact us before ordering.